Notification On Name Change

The activities we carried so far under BioLim Centre for Life Science section have crossed several milestones which has paved the way for many graduates to get qualified for various research opportunities in abroad, fellowship in research institutions, research based job in life science industries etc. Our Human Resource development sector principally served under the umbrella of BioLim Centre for Life Science to support and provide research experience in life science disciplines. But now it is far extending its hand further towards science and technology where plenty of gaps are still identified to fill. Hence our BioLim Centre for Life Science is re-established on October 1, 2014 as BioLim Centre for Science and Technology under the roof of BRET, to perform and support research to create the valuable benefit to the society in the form of technology.

We hope your consistent support always be shared with us to improve the science and technology to the nation.

Any previous official records and notifications of the candidate which is relevant to BioLim Centre for Life Science are still applicable. For any disclaimer please write to us

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